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Ashley Kim – Co-Captain, Chassis Lead

Hi! I’m Ashley, the Co-Captain and Chassis Lead for UBC Rover. I’m in year 3.5 of mechanical engineering and this is my fourth year on the team. I’m excited about the developments our team is making and am looking forward to the work we’re planning for this year! In my free time I like to cook, make art, play badminton and volleyball, and hang out with my dog! 

Udayaanshu Roy – Co-Captain

Conor O’Neill – Arm Lead


Sarah Jang – End Effector Lead

Hi, I’m Sarah, the End Effector Lead! I’m in my third (and a half) year of integrated engineering and this is my third year on the team. In my spare time I like to 3D print, try out new activities, and listen to music.

Steven Lee – Electrical Co-Lead


Jason Wong – Electrical Co-Lead


Rowan Zawadzki – Software Co-Lead

Hi! I am the Software Team Lead for UBC Rover. I am in my second year of integrated engineering pursuing my passion for robotics. I love cats, the backcountry, and maintaining kinetic energy on my commutes… or in other words, skateboarding.

Maxim (Max) Teplitskiy – Software Co-Lead

Hi, I’m Max, I’m the Software co-lead and I focus on communications. I’m in my third year of Materials Engineering, planning on specializing in aerospace materials. When I have free time, I cook, mess with cars and tinker with projects.

Cameron Basara – Software Co-Lead

Emma Forsberg – Science Co-Lead

Hi, my name is Emma and I’m a Science Co-Lead. I’m in my third year of geological engineering and super passionate about sustainable design and everything to do with rocks! In my free time, I love hiking, skiing, getting to see live music, and reading.

Myra Wei – Science Co-Lead

Nina Gliosca – Health and Safety Officer

Hello! I’m Nina, the Health and Safety Officer for Rover! I’m going into my second year of engineering at UBC, and hope to go into the Biomedical Engineering specialization, specifically to pursue genetics and bioethics. When I’m not working to help keep the Rover team safe, I really enjoy print-making, reading and baking.